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Elizabeth Frumin
P.O. Box 68
Narberth, PA 19072

Weddings with Heart:
Weddings & Commitment Ceremonies

Congratulations on getting married! Weddings With Heart is a group of clergy whose desire is to offer you a ceremony that meets your personal needs and desires at this special time. We design and officiate ceremonies that reflect your orientation, beliefs and views toward love, life and marriage-making this time one of care and authenticity for you, your partner, family and community.

In designing wedding and commitment ceremonies or renewing vows, we like to meet with you for a preliminary meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to determine our compatibility and comfort, as well as show you some examples of our work. This can better help you make a decision for such an important occasion as well as help us more honestly represent you.

This meeting is about an hour in duration and takes place in our offices in Narberth, Pennsylvania (in the Philadelphia vicinity.) There is no fee for this initial session. If you are located out of state or at a distance, we can speak by phone. We recommend meeting face to face, if at all possible, for a more personal experience. Examples of ceremonies can be reviewed at this time, and we can answer any of your questions or concerns, giving you information you require.

Prior to this meeting, we ask that you please send me an e-mail and answer this list of questions. It gives us information and insight to your relationship and needs for your ceremony while helping you clarify and consider some of the elements and rituals you may include. This also aids in getting to know you and the qualities who want reflected in the ceremony, References are available if you would like to speak with others who have used our services.

If we decide to work together, the material and information gathered from our conversation and the survey will be used to write a ceremony specific to your values, perspective and needs. We individualize each ceremony rather than use a prescribed, or predetermined script. This working process allows for greater diversity and differences in personal, spiritual, cultural and religious views, while maintaining honesty and creativity.

Once written, a draft of the ceremony is sent to you for your review. Your feedback and questions are integrated into the draft of the ceremony until the ceremony is to your liking. This work is completed prior to the ceremony day and you will have the complete ceremony before your event. This way there are no sudden surprises or discord with the content of the ceremony. Our approach also honors you and your feelings with caring.

Similar conversations and processes occur in preparing for other pastoral services: funerals, baby blessings and baby naming ceremonies, and other rites of passage.

We serve a variety of clientele, varying religious denominations and offer ecumenical/non-denomination, civil ceremonies. We are dedicated to making these special times fullfilling and meaningful for you and your loved ones.

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